If your looking for a personal trainer I’d recommend John.He is knowledgeable, motivating and his dedication is second to none. I started training with him just over a year ago and my focus was strength training so we started a programme and in the space of a year he’s got me deadlifting from 120kg to 220kg. He has also made me feel more confident when I train by myself at the gym and more motivated because I know how to achieve my goals.
Callum Orr, Edinburgh


I’ve been training with John for about two years now and I’ve really learned how to lift and train well. He’s shown me loads of systems to keep my own training interesting (GVT, chaos theory, DUP) and he keeps on challenging me and I’m still learning. I’ve made a huge improvement in strength and now have a BSD of 110,180,202kg. I’ve recommended Supremacy Fitness to a number of folk and I’d recommend it to you.
Stuart Aikman, Edinburgh


John is a great trainer, he makes you work hard but you will see results if you do what he tells you! I now hold the Scottish record after working with him for just 6 months.

Starting deadlift 130kg and current Scottish record of 175kg
Starting bench 65kg current bench max and Scottish record 82.5
Starting squat 100kg current max 135kg
Tasmin, Edinburgh


John has been training me for over a year now and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My progress under his expert guidance has made me stronger physically and mentally! John is a titan in his field – not only knowing the science but more importantly knowing his clients. He motivates me to work hard and I feel great!!
Evelyn Gilbert