After serving as a soldier and working in close protection and as a fire arms instructor,
I decided to become a strength coach. As a strength coach I believe in using the big movements to change your body and also coach the basics of boxing and Krav Maga.
I have to date trained bikini and physique athletes to top 3 positions and also powerlifters to record breaking achievements. Couple this with numerous fat reduction and weight loss clients,
I will get you where you need to be.


I believe in continuous personal growth and self-improvement: establishing a goal, finding the tools to achieve it and every single day making a step closer to where you want to be. My mission is to see you progress and improve your health, looks, strength and wellbeing. I will give you the tools you need, customise the training and nutrition for your individual goals and I’ll be working with you side by side to get you where you want to be.

I have been working with John for over a year now and he has played a great part in my professional development. The Forge is the foundation for a legacy, the place for victors and legends. We’ve come so far and this is just the beginning!


Ashley’s interest in weight loss and exercise began when she trained with a personal trainer. Losing 71lbs and getting fit gave Ashley a new lease of life!

She developed an appetite for all things health and fitness related and in particular, good nutrition. Ashley went on to become a fully qualified personal trainer and can relate to the challenges faced by those trying to lose weight and get fit.

Head of Security and Gym Mascot

Miss Potts takes her role in the gym very seriously. She not only provides constant security assurances but is also a keen metal music enthusiast and loves nothing more than to sleep and play with her toys. She can be bribed with any type of food except lettuce.


Flex is the latest addition to the forge family.
Flex will be heading up our HR department and is a keen enthusiast of martial arts and attacking the ball.

She will be our go to specialist for any matters
involving discipline. She also loves sausages.