What makes The Supremacy Forge different to other gyms and fitness providers?

This is something I am asked a lot. What separates The Supremacy Forge from other gyms? We keep it simple. By focusing on the two main elements of training – keeping it safe and effective. Our job is to work with you and plot your journey to reaching your goals. The team and I will do this by teaching you the fundamentals of lifting and nutrition and keep your training
personalised to you.



I feel that deep down, everyone does love one form or other of training, its just a matter of finding the one that is going to stimulate you both physically and mentally. It could be lifting, endurance type work, or even learning to box with myself. I want to show you how to create your own success!


“For too long the fitness industry has created an ‘us and them’ attitude or tried to put having a coach out of reach by charging vast sums. At the Supremacy Forge we believe that if you are ready to make a change, then nothing should stand in your way. It is too often seen as the norm to do the latest in celebrity training or fad diets. Not at the Forge, here we will teach you the fundamentals of training and what food actually does for you and why we should be eating more of the good stuff that will benefit your training. We do not use the word diet, it is your individual nutritional need, meaning a one size fits all approach will not work, as many would have you believe.”